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Access new markets with the minimum investment and the maximum return.

For any technology company, be it start-up, scale-up or unicorn, with truly innovative digital solutions aimed at the large business segment, our attractive Sales-as-a-Service (or sales as a service) model is an efficient and effective to succeed in new markets with a reduced investment.
Our commercial actions are mainly aimed at the Iberian market (Spain and Portugal), which is a great gateway to both Europe and Latin America. In this market, large companies from all industries recognize us not only as their providers of innovative solutions but also as their expert advisers in the comprehensive transformation of their businesses. We bring global innovation to the corporate world, driving its digital transformation and helping to redefine one sector after another.
Our team of sales representatives are professionals with extensive previous experience in management positions in multiple industries. For this reason, we know first-hand the digitization needs of these sectors and their corporate culture, and we also have an extensive network of personal contacts that allows us to easily access the appropriate decision-makers in each case.

Working with Cuartari you get:
  • Immediate local presence
  • Deep knowledge of the digital needs of each industry
  • Experienced and well-connected sales team
  • Develop and manage other sales channels
  • Increase sales with minimal risk and investment

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