Sales Outsourcing

we are your company in the market

We only represent your interests: not like other third parties, where you are a by-product of their own services

Sales-as-a-service, all included: you don’t need anything else to sell in the new market

Cost effective: no CAPEX, no need to invest in an office or hire local staff to enter the market

We can integrate other parties: if you already have other partners in the country, we can manage the overall activity to ensure best results

representantes comerciales
representantes comerciales

Our 6 pillars’ sales outsourcing method

We help you becoming efficient about your sales. We work with you to create a tailored sales strategy to help you achieve your goals

we work in a transparent way in our partnerships with you, delivering data, insights and sales results that accelerate your business’ growth.

We do account farming and we spot and unleash all x-selling and up-selling opportunities

we attend conferences and industry events on a regular basis. We can also represent your company at trade fairs and exhibitions of your interest

Finding and engaging with decision makers can often be a tricky process, especially when selling to Corporates. We will guide you at all times during the process

Either if you are in the early funding stages or in the most advanced series, we can help you identifying the most suitable financial partners

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