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About Us

We are the commercial extension of the best disruptive technologies.

We are the sales partner of disruptive companies. High potential international scale-ups that sell their solutions to large corporations in all industries. We work in the long-term as an extension of our clients, aligning our incentives with theirs.
We have global scouting. We look for the best solutions globally, regardless of the country of origin and we are very selective (we work with less than 1% of the companies we analyze) to ensure that we only work with innovators who are going to reshape their respective niches.



Our Premium Services

We offer comprehensive sales outsourcing and business development services. With Cuartari you do not need a sales office, your own sales staff or anything else to develop the assigned country or countries.

Your single point of contact for technology

We have ongoing exposure to the most talented futurists and inventors of our time, which allows us to become key advisors for your business.

disruptive technologies BROAD SPECTRUM All technologies

Cuartari was born globally with the clear intention of identifying the most promising technologies around the world.

All technologies

Our purpose is to play the infinite game ... the new ones Cyber-physical systems will use technology as building blocks to change the way we live and work.

industrias disruptivas WE ARE EXPERTS All industries

Our senior team and our networking are comprised of C-Suite executives with decades of experience in all industries.

All industries

Our senior team and our networking are comprised of C-Suite executives with decades of experience in all industries, including ...

banking, insurance, health, retail, industry, energy, cybersecurity ...

We understand your business

  • The resistance to change of large groups
  • Industry specific protocols
  • Time and budget constraints
  • Disruptive technology threats
  • Biases of corporate culture
  • Rules of the game of multinationals



Learn Here The Main Reasons Why You Should Choose Us

Our Sales as a Service value proposition for selected international Scale-ups ensure market entry success in Spain, Europe & Latam. For corporates, we are their external innovation radar to stay up to date on global disruption.

  • We identify where you're getting off-track in all areas with a comprehensive understanding of your business
  • We help you developing a program that accelerates your strategy execution and meet your growth objectives.
  • We are the accelerator to consistently hit strategic objectives and revenue targets, and grow steadily, year over year.