About us

Thirty years to bringing the future to the corporate world.

Talent and experience to accelerate corporate digital transformation

We are Professionals from different disciplines, with postgraduate training in prestigious business schools around the world, who after a long journey in the corporate world in positions of maximum functional or general responsibility.
We do not limit ourselves to presenting a technology, we seek to generate tangible opportunities that lead to creating or improving a competitive advantage by taking advantage of the most outstanding technological advances on a global scale to achieve a true digital transformation.

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We are a young company, but our team accumulates many years of experience in large corporates

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What makes us different for your business?

Above all, we assume a qualified observatory that identifies the technologies that will transform humanity at the right moment of maturity and we find their perfect fit in your business processes.

Cuartari spain

We are a group of very senior executives who have the purpose of winning the Infinite Game and we want to do it with a new dimension of experience and work model in which operating a business neural network is as important as creating a 4.0 game room in which toys are the tools of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and we all choose what we want to play.

Putting the focus on achieving sustainable profitability, we consider the consultative sales skills of technological products and services based on top experience (we are hunters) to be key, while continuing to aspire to the development of our own products and services.

The project is the center of our model in which the leader (who brings it) makes sure to make it attractive to the key team he chooses to develop it and establishes the organization that best suits each case.

The keys to achieving our goals go through the team and the projects: while for the former we must be apostles and spread and inspire the message of our network to the talents that can empower Cuartari, in the latter we seek opportunities for negative or very high returns. short instead of those inchoatives that declare their value without economic significance.

All the members of Cuartari do continuous Scouting of "players" for the network and for Business.

As not all opportunities turn out to be opportune, we give each project a trial and focus time , discontinuing it if it breaks its promise. And all choice of project is voluntary and prioritized by the strategic fit (“game”) and the monetary one.

We are the team made up of experts to create ideas and productive businesses based on these principles:

  1. Justice and meritocracy in remuneration: each member receives the value according to their dynamic contribution to each project and ensures fairness over time.
  2. Vibrant group of talented and eager Experts that we contribute to: A brilliant group of respected and admired hardened visionaries with the ability and willingness to solve problems in surprising ways and we all nurture it.
  3. Knowing how to play as a team: As a team that wants to win, we are enriched by diverse and complementary talents, we share and accept our role in each project with enthusiasm and contributing the best of ourselves.
  4. The highest level of spontaneous compliance of each one: The project requires that we all always do our part so as not to expose the team and others.
  5. The proactive and generous contribution to income: We are all committed to adding value to the group with ideas and productive businesses. Give before receiving.
  6. We are loyal and brave: We are moved by the will to grow together. We go to the front, we expose the points of view with assertiveness, we help and serve.
  7. We do not bury conflicts but we resolve them: Conflicts and discrepancies serve to grow if they are treated in a healthy and direct way, with assertiveness and empathy.